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The 4 Top Disadvantages of Technology You Should Be Aware of

In this time and age, technology plays a major role no matter where you look. You use technology by using computers to conduct your work. You also use it by using mobile phones, computers and internet to call your relatives and friends. And we even use it by using cars to get almost anywhere.

However, technology has many disadvantages, some of which will be mentioned here.

1- Technology makes people fat. You use machines to go anywhere and do anything. As a result, you no longer walk or shop yourself. You don’t even wash your plates by hands. And with lack of movement and exercise, you gain pounds.

2- Technology makes people really dependent on it. Let’s say you are using your mobile phone most hours of the day. What will happen if it is somehow ruined? I guess you would turn into a fire breathing dragon who vents its frustration on anyone around until you get a new one. This dependency on technology can bring out the worst in us.

3- Did you know that technology has resulted in unemployment of many? Many machines now do what humans used to do before. So, what is the point of hiring humans when machines can do their work for free?

4- It draws people apart. Social media is considered a type of technology. Although it seemed cool at first that people could talk to so many people and have so many friends with social media, the reality is that people do that from behind a screen.

They don’t really meet any of these friends or see them face to face. So, ironically, they feel lonely although they have more than 500 friends on their Facebook accounts.

Disadvantages of Technology You Should Be Aware of

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