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Top 4 most dangerous harms of carbonated drinks

A lot of people are fond of soft drinks of various kinds. What are the risks that result from drinking them and what is the origin of these drinks? Unfortunately soft drinks today have been strongly established in the culture of our society.

You’ll find that soft drinks are among the most selling products in Ramadan; they have become an essential product at the dinner table without paying attention to their danger especially on children.

1/Obesity and getting overweight.

Drinking one pack of soft drinks a day that contains large amounts of sugar can lead to an increase in our bodies’ fat for a half kilo a month, six kilograms per year, and Sixty kg in ten years.

2/Eating cold soft drinks after a meal affects the digestive enzymes in the stomach, and causes the reduction of stomach temperature and as a result these enzymes, do not digest food well which can cause some gases and toxins that are transmitted with the blood to the body’s cells causing a lot of diseases.

3/ Diabetes.

Since soft drinks cause obesity and can really quickly become addictive, they can lead to diabetes. Because obesity is associated with an increase in the number of cells of the body that need larger quantities of insulin making the ones your body produce insufficient. In addition to that, that amount of sugar is too much for a human’s body to handle, and can be a burden to the body’s metabolism.

4/ The consumption of soft drinks is considered as a risk factor for tooth decay and can cause dental issues for children.

dangerous harms of carbonated drinks

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