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Top 8 Odd Medical Procedures

Medicine is an interesting, slightly intimidating field. You can stumble upon a lot of “weird” conditions and even “weirder” treatments. Check out our list of unbelievably crazy conditions and procedures that’ll blow your mind.

8. Fecal Transplant

Bacteria serve a vital role in our guts for the body to function properly. Hence, if you notice a problem in digestion, it might as well be a problem in bacteria. To treat this, science has found a way to use bacteria from human feces! The procedure is carried out through inserting a tube down your nose into your duodenum or stomach placing the bacteria where they need to be.

7. Rebirthing therapy

Do you remember the day you were born? Probably not. A rebirthing therapy is a therapy in which you recreate your own birth in order to experience the same process and refresh your senses. During the therapy, you pass through tightly pressed together pillows resembling the birth canal. Breathing becomes difficult as part of the therapy to the extent that some people end up dying. For that reason, rebirthing therapy is illegalized in some states.

6. Self-appendectomy

Dr. Evan O’Neill Kane performed his own appendectomy. Dr. Kane did this for a reason, partially, to view the surgery from the patient’s perspective and to make sure the procedure was tolerated by the patient. He concluded that the usual general anesthetic was more dangerous than the local anesthetic and kept that in mind to use it on future patients. Ten years later, Dr. Kane performed another even more dangerous operation repairing his own inguinal hernia under local anesthetic. Surprisingly, he survived both operations.

5. Tooth Implant in Eye

Osteo-odono-keratoprosthesis is a procedure in which a tooth is pulled out of the patient’s mouth and implanted in the eye. It’s used in blind patients with damaged eye tissues. A mechanical implant could be rejected by the eye, therefore, a tooth is used. But the tooth doesn’t stay in one’s eye, the transplant is then replaced by an artificial hold once the body has accepted the tooth as a part of the body. It has been proven successful in many cases that patients regained their sight back, because of that, it could be a common procedure in the future.

4. Laughter Therapy

Laughing is in general healthy for the body; it helps in fighting off diseases. In many places, starting in India, people have taken advantage of this by assigning groups where they gather up in a place and literally start laughing out loud and throwing their hands in the air as a form of therapy.

3. The Tree Man Surgery

A 37 year old Indonesian man, also known as “The Tree Man”, got a surgery removing 90% of the warts grown all over his body, which estimated a whole six kilograms of warts. An American doctor diagnosed the case as a severe Human Papilloma Virus infection.

2. Hemispherectomy

A seizure or epilepsy is a sudden surge of electricity originating from a broad area of a brain hemisphere radiating to the rest of the brain. Why not cut that part out? Hemispeherectomy is basically the removal of an entire half of the brain in cases of seizures and epilepsy. The surprising part is that it works! Even though patients survive the procedure, they end up with partial or full paralysis on the side of the body opposite to the hemisphere removed. In most cases, the remaining half of the brain starts making neural connections to take over the tasks of the hemisphere removed.

1. Rejoining a Broken Spine

Cases of a broken spine are usually considered hopeless; paralyzed for life. Miraculously, a ten year old kid from India who cut his vertebral column in two by a tractor’s harrow is back walking normally on his own feet. It’s one of a kind case, doctors operated a rare surgery that lasted for eight hours to rejoin his spinal cord. Nine months after the successful surgery, the boy got back to his natural state.

Odd Medical Procedures

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