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Top 8 Advices to Encourage a Healthy Lifestyle for Children

Our children are surrounded by factors that encourage unhealthy lifestyle more than ever. Attractions such as sugary and colorful foods and drinks cannot be avoided by children unless we guide them as adults to a healthy lifestyle. Other than the foods children nowadays consume, a high percentage of children are becoming physically inactive and prefer to sit in front of screens rather than running around. Defy these problems and save the health of your children by following the next advices:

8. Determine a restricted time for “inactive” activities

You cannot completely prohibit children from watching TV, playing video games or sitting at the computer. However, you can determine a certain amount of time to do these activities, say two hours a day. The danger of participating in those activities can lead to conditions as dangerous as obesity and cardiovascular diseases because children would not just be motionless but they would probably be overly snacking.

7. Deliver Your Messages in a Positive Tone

Telling children what they are forbidden to do will either lead to them rebelling against it or doing it behind your back. Otherwise, telling them about their capabilities and leading them to the positive results of following healthy passages will grant you a positive feedback. You must also remember to praise children when they reach for good results.

6. Involve Your Children in Meal Preparation

Here is a fun activity that can give all the family members a quality family time. Involving kids in preparing meals has folded benefits as it teaches them to rely on themselves, teaches them to use healthy ingredients and when you finally sit together to eat the delicious meal, you will make sure that no one is sitting away and eating unhealthy food.

5. Set Realistic Goals

If there are many habits that you want to change in your children’s lifestyle, take it step by step. Overwhelming yourself with unrealistic goals may make you want to give up the healthy lifestyle as a whole. Hence, follow the circle of life by changing gradually. For instance, you may start by changing the diet and following it for 20 days before starting to follow a workout plan.

4. Exercise Together

Group activities are sometimes more encouraging than individual activities as you encourage each other. This will also point out that being active is the norm. You don’t have to choose a difficult form of workout, but you can just plan hiking, biking, swimming or playing soccer outside as a family in a nearby park or something to get everyone moving.

3. Let Your Children Choose Their Favorite Activity

Allow your children to explore all kinds of sports as a young age so that they can determine their favorite activity. Once a child chooses an activity that s/he adores, s/he’ll most likely keep practicing on the long term. Who knows, perhaps that activity you couldn’t do is your child’s best choice.

2. Choose Rewards Wisely

When awarding your children for doing their best at something, don’t make a lollipop or a video game seem like an awesome trophy. There are other things in life that are of high quality and are actually rewarding both health and fun wise. A family day out can be one of the rewards.

1. Apply Your Own Advices

The last but most important step of encouraging your children to follow a healthy lifestyle is to be a good role model. When you follow health rules yourself, your words will gain much more credibility. The importance of good health will also reveal with the kids noticing the amount of effort you exhaust to preserve the wellbeing of the family.

Advices to Encourage a Healthy Lifestyle for Children

Top 8 Advices to Encourage a Healthy Lifestyle for Children Top 8 Advices to Encourage a Healthy Lifestyle for Children Top 8 Advices to Encourage a Healthy Lifestyle for Children Top 8 Advices to Encourage a Healthy Lifestyle for Children

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