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The Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Drink Black Coffee

Black coffee is not just a popular delicious drink. Many studies have proved that regular drinking of coffee is beneficial in so many ways. I will list in this article some of the reasons why black coffee is such a wonder drink and why you don’t seem to function properly, whether it is in the morning or in any other time, without it:

– Did you know that drinking about five cups of coffee a day may improve the strength and flexibility of your arteries? Drinking black coffee often decreases the risk of clogging and hardening of your arteries.

– Many studies conducted in Italy suggest that regular consumption of coffee lessens the risk of liver cancer.

– Drinking black coffee regularly prevents type 2 diabetes. Researches have proved that drinking more than two cups a day of black coffee had decreased type 2 diabetes’ risk, in comparison to people who do not drink coffee.

– Black coffee has a positive effect on your neuronal cells. Coffee strengthens certain areas in your brain such as the ones responsible for memory and concentration functions. As a result it is one of things you should include in your diet to prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

– Black coffee is possibly one of the drinks that have the lowest calorie count ever. A 200 ml cup of black coffee has only 2 calories. You must know, however, that the number of calories will increase with the additions (milk, sugar,…etc.).

– Black coffee can protect you from heart failure. You don’t even need to drink too much of it for that. Drinking two cups a day will do.

– Black coffee is rich in antioxidants. This means that black coffee destroys free radicals that cause cancer and early skin deterioration.

Drink Black Coffee

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