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Top 7 Most Believed Nutrition Lies

The nutrition world is just like anything else full of lies and misconceptions . The truth is mixed up with the lies and everybody have his own theory about what is healthy and what is not , ordinary people that are really looking forward to living a healthy life and eating healthy foods might get confused with the misconception not knowing that these lies were made up in the first place by greedy companies that are only trying to get their hand further into your wallet. So we have prepared for you this list in order to expose some of the most popular nutrition lies that have spread lately so find it our below .
7- Saturated Fats Are Bad For Your Heart .

One of the nutrition myths that are widely believed is that Saturated Fats such as butter , cream , cheese , meats or even the deserts that contain saturated fats are bad for the heart and can end you up with a heart attack or a coronary heart disease which is absolutely not wanted by anyone , well in fact there was over 21 studies that were made on over 350.000 person that include 11.000 suffering from heart diseases , the studies covered a span of 14 years , the studies ended up concluding that there is no link medically between eating saturated fats and developing heart diseases .

6- Eating 5 Meals A Day Help You Losing Weight .

Here’s another myth that a lot of dieticians and nutrition expert believe so widely and advice the dieters to follow which is eating more frequent meals before getting hungry and finish eating before getting full which turned out to be no more than a lie that has effect on losing weight for the sedentary people , it is more about how much food enters your body and how much physical effort you do , Unless you exercise intensively for no less than 9 hours a week this method wont help you losing any weight.

5- Carbohydrates Make You Fat .

Who of us didn’t actually feel guilty after having some pasta or a piece of toast with the breakfast ? Everyone believe that losing weight can only happen by cutting back on carbohydrates which eventually turned out to be nothing more than a myth , too much of one thing is not good stuffing your body with pasta , cakes , donuts and high carbs foods and snacks will surely make you fat but being wise about what goes in your mouth , making sure to eat whole grained and minimally processed carbohydrates products will provide your body with the needed energy without making you fat .

4- Fruit Juices Are Healthy .
Consuming fresh fruits and having to chew it will minimize our intake of fruits to a certain extent where as if you are having your fruits juiced you are going to consume many more fruits than if you were just eating them which accordingly increase your intake of glucose which was proven by studies that were made by the University of California to increase the weight if consumed by a certain amount .

3- Low Fat Foods Are Healthy .

Most of the low fat foods and sugar low deserts that you find in the shops are just filled up with harmful chemicals such as aspartame which end up harming your body and your health , instead of the low fat foods choose unprocessed foods which will be healthier even if they are full cream just have small amounts of it over long periods .

2- Counting Calories Is Extremely Important .

Imagine that every single moment you have spent of your life counting calories is gone in vain , don’t get me wrong , counting calories can be a great motivation to minimize our daily food intake but counting calories in itself mean nothing for your body health simply because calories are not equal , 500 calorie of sweeties is not equal to 500 calories of stake and vegetables , one is just full of empty calories while the other is full of essential minerals and vitamins that your body needs .

1- Vegetables And Seed Oils Are Healthy .

Let us first agree about something that any highly refines or processed food product is unhealthy , considering that all the seed oils , vegetable oils and margarine you’ve been using to lower your risk of heart diseases are processed then that mean they are not healthy , Recent studies prove that the risk of heart diseases and inflammations increase by consuming high levels of polyunsaturated fats .

Top 7 Most Believed Nutrition Lies

Top 7 Most Believed Nutrition Lies Top 7 Most Believed Nutrition Lies Top 7 Most Believed Nutrition Lies Top 7 Most Believed Nutrition Lies Top 7 Most Believed Nutrition Lies

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