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Top 7 Ideas Presented in Repo Men

7. “At the end, a job is not just a job, is who you are, and if wanna change who you are, you have to change what you do…”

This can not be more right! Your job imprints its effects on your face and on your soul. It has to mean something to you but what if your job is to kill in the name of the law! Well, that’s something different of another world or so we should wish.

6. “My job is simple. Can’t pay for your car, the bank takes it back. Can’t pay for your house, the bank takes it back. Can’t pay for your liver, well, that’s where I come in.”

Well, not so simple afterall! All living things have the surviving instinct; it is the way you fight for remaining alive. If anyone tried to take your life, you become an animal but what if you owed someone this life. Afterall, it is not such a delightful scene to be cut open when the payment has been due for a while. I can not help but think of the times when I missed my payments. How many times have I missed bills?!

5. “Almost every job I do ends the exact same way. Some whimper. Some cry. Some even laugh. But in the end, they all do the same horizontal mambo, twitching and thrusting their way into the great beyond.”

That is indeed one way of putting it! It has always been those who laugh that bring me the utmost delight. Little do we know but still we have the spirit to mock our own existential weakness. You know, you can even see it in “Tom &Jerry”; the way Tom used to pull out the cigarette when he is sure the train is coming in seconds. It takes a strong and stubborn person to remain like that when he faces death. We all die the same physically but spiritually is a whole other question. I guess if we found these mechanic body parts, we would really buy them. That is exactly how we hang onto life despite our allegations of hating it!

4. “you owe it to your family. You owe it to yourself.”

What exactly do we owe ourselves? Do we owe ourselves the fight to remain alive? I guess, we do. It would be such a hypocritical view if we said we will not buy these machines. It is like saying that we would rather die than taking medicines. But isn’t it the same? Buying high costing medications to get better instead of dying? Just to say that we did all there is that we could do. That’s one way of seeing it, or you can say that pills will simply not change the human being you are which is not true.

3. “Welcome to your world repoman”

It has always been one thing to view something as an outsider and another when you are inside. In our everyday life we might just wish to wear each other’s shoes to see how we think. “Everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about, always be nice”, I have read that on social media. A good cause it is but no matter how much we try to remember, it will always be harder to react naturally yet sympathetically because everyone has a role in life.

2. “Beth: Ask me about my lips.

Remy: What brand are your lips?
Beth: They’re all mine.”

It was such a beautiful scene when she started telling him about all the organs she had exchanged; all but the lips. Keep at least one thing natural but can we say the same regarding plastic surgeries? ! It is everyone’s right to be beautiful, look beautiful and feel beautiful. However, how are we supposed to know when things get out of hand?

1. “Remy: I saw an interview with a serial killer once. Said it took him six years to work up to his first kill. The second, a year. The third, just a week. Once that dam broke, it was a flood. Making people die, it had become second nature. Apparently, it also works the other way round.”

It appeared to have indeed worked the other way round but it has just never been easy for anyone to know where to stop and when to proceed. It requires a sound mind and a sound spirit with which none of us is just granted but is asked to develop.

Top 7 ideas presented in Repo Men Top 7 ideas presented in Repo Men Top 7 ideas presented in Repo Men Top 7 ideas presented in Repo Men