Top 6 Tips for Making Your Windows Spotless

People cannot live well without sunrays to light up their houses. In other words, they cannot live well with dirty windows. Clean spotless windows can make all the difference between a bright well-lit house and a dark, gloomy one. In this articles, you will learn some great tips for making windows spotlessly clean with simple tools and ingredients that can be found at every house.

1- Anti-static sprays are not just for preventing your pants from sticking to your legs. Statics is that infernal thing responsible for some bothersome phenomena such as your clothes sticking to your legs, and in this respect, fine grains of dust sticking to your windows. Fight this phenomenon by giving your windows a good scrubbing before spraying them thoroughly with Static Guard.

2- One thing that bothers me to no end when cleaning windows is streaks. These dried up lines that spoil your cleaning results will bother you no more with this tip: Use a good quality squeegee! It will make sure no soapy streaks remain on your window glass ruining its look.

3- Use a good type of soap to clean your windows, but not too much of it. Too much soap will create too much foam, and before you know it, you will be cleaning the windows of the soap, not the dust! Experiment with different proportions and types of soap until you get the perfect formula.

4- Bleach and soap will get rid of mildew. Mildew gathers on window frames. These horrid greenish spots that can ruin, not only your window look, but your mood as well. A solution of water, dish soap and bleach can rid you of mildew. Since you are using bleach, do not forget to protect your skin. Wear gloves when cleaning.

5- Curtains and shades are part of your windows as well. One reason why windows get dirty quickly is that you clean the windows but leave the curtains and shades dirty. The dust that has gathered on curtains and shades over time can get to the glass as well. Shades and blinds only need rinsing with water. Curtains however are better washed by hand or in light circle and dried on a line so it wouldn’t get wrinkled.

6- Make sure to change your air filter quickly. If you think that it doesn’t take too long for your windows to get dirty, then maybe you need to check your home’s air filter. Nowadays, homes are airtight, so dust can really pileup inside your house if your air filter is damaged or full.

Tips for Making Your Windows Spotless

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