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The Top 6 Reasons of Stomach Ulcer

Those of you who experienced stomach ulcer must know what hell of a pain it can give you, and how much it can make you frantic like a dog chasing its tail. Stomach ulcers happen when your stomach produces too much of its digestive juice, and too much of this juice can eat away at the lining of your stomach causing serious pain and possible more serious complications. Here are some of the most common reasons of stomach ulcers:

1/ Psychological reasons, including anger, anxiety, stress, insomnia. Moreover, having a certain neurological or psychological problem can add to the chances of developing stomach ulcer (like those who develop them before exams or job interviews).

2/ One of the reasons of stomach ulcer is not related to your stomach, but rather to your esophagus. Sometimes, your esophagus can increase the acidic fluids in your stomach or cause an acidic reflux making the fluids rise to the throat.

3/ eating big meals in weird times (when you aren’t hungry or when you are too hungry) can cause the increase of the risk of a stomach ulcer. Also, damaging lifestyle habits such as smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol and soda drinks can cause stomach ulcers.

4/ Some types of medication can contribute to stomach ulcer as well, such as aspirin, Osteoporosis medications, kidney disease medications..etc. They can irritate the lining of the stomach leading to stomach ulcer.

5/ Drinking coffee, tea, cocoa and similar drinks too much too often can make your stomach produce more acidic fluids leading to stomach ulcer.

6/ There is also the part of your genes in the development of stomach ulcer. A few of the aforementioned reasons with the fact that most of your family suffer from stomach ulcer can mean that you will develop it as well.

Reasons of Stomach Ulcer

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