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The Top 5 Worst Mistakes Mothers Usually Do

Undeniably, motherhood is the most blissful and rewarding experience any woman could go through. However, such a blessing is not easily granted and what mothers sometimes face could be difficult enough to make them doubt their abilities and instincts as mothers. Of course, mothers could commit some mistakes while facing such difficulties, mistakes we are going to pinpoint in this article.

1- Missing out on the important memories of your children is a grave mistake. Many mothers work for different reasons, such as making the life of their families better, boosting their self-esteem or even just helping with the bills. They are all valid reasons, but they sometimes consume their time and energy making them miss out on their kid’s important memories, which shouldn’t happen.

2- Motherhood requires many sacrifices from any woman. However, the one sacrifice you should never do is putting yourself last in the list of priorities. Not giving some time and effort to yourself can gradually drain you of happiness and energy even. At the end, neither you nor your kids will like what you’ve turned into.

3- Eating the kids’ leftovers is the deadliest mistake women commit. However, they keep on doing it thinking it is wrong to waste food or that they are saving money this way. If you are a mom know this: you do not have your kids metabolism so do not eat their leftovers.

4- Battling your kids into doing what you want is a mistake mothers do sometimes. Kids are not robots. They are human beings with their own personalities. So try to figure out how to communicate and reason with them into doing what you want.

5- Some mothers try to motivate their kids by saying things like: why don’t you be more like your sister, friend…etc. This is really a serious mistake. When you are doing that, you make your kid feel like he/she is a failure and that you love the said person more. Every child has his/her own unique personality with their own special gifts. Focus on what your kid has instead of what he doesn’t.

 Worst Mistakes Mothers Usually Do

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