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Top 5 Fake Health Fads

We watch a lot of broadcasts and read a lot of magazines concerning health. They are always coming up with new trends that make it a bit tricky to figure out which health trend is worth following. To help you avoid the confusion, the following are 5 examples of false health fads.

5. Bottled Water Is the Healthiest Option

Bottled water has been a spreading trend recently. We are regularly reminded to drink enough water and we go for bottled water as the healthiest resort. However studies have shown that bottled water isn’t only more expensive, there’s also no evidence it’s safer. Additionally, chemicals from the bottles leak to the water making it toxic.

4. Toning Shoes

Companies nowadays claim to have manufactured shoes that help you burn more calories and tone up your body by making your legs and bottom muscles do more work as you walk. Studies have proven all these claims are fraud and many costumers demanded refunds from different companies.

3. Gluten-Free Diet

Many people go on their way of cutting off gluten from their diet. Truth is, for a healthy individual, avoiding gluten isn’t any healthier and doesn’t contribute to weight loss. Gluten free diet may only be healthy for people with gluten sensitivity and celiac disease. Additionally avoiding whole grains to cut off gluten, you are also cutting off fiber and essential vitamins and minerals.

2. Costly Super Berries

Super berries like acai berry juice and goji berry are becoming widely popular and claimed to be super healthy foods despite their expensive prices. However many cheaper alternatives like pomegranates, blueberries and blackcurrant provide higher amounts of antioxidants and are considered healthier.

1. Detoxes

Detoxes either in the form of juice cleanses or supplements are very expensive and are scientifically proven to play minimal role to our health as our body’s system is already effective in detoxifying our body on its own. Its weight loss effect is also insignificant and short termed.

Top 5 Fake Health Fads

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