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Top 5 Dishes You Should Not Eat at Food Chain Restaurants

I define food chain restaurant as restaurants that get monstrously popular and the more popular they get, the worse their service becomes. Most of them usually give you enough reasons to avoid them with their dishes full of free radicals and three times the allowed quantity of sugar and salt. However, in this article you will discover why you need to be even more careful not to order some of their dishes

1- The restaurant cookout has a chicken strips dish. One of this restaurant workers has admitted that since this dish takes too long to prepare, the workers often serve the dish even if it isn’t cooked thoroughly yet. This happens so many times that people often send back the dish once they have a bite of it.

2- The restaurant Panera bread has a soup dish. What is it made of? The leftovers of other dishes and the remaining soup in the customers’ bowls. So eat there if you don’t mind getting some of other customers’ DNA in your soup.

3- It is not so bad going vegan. After all, veggie burgers are sold pretty much everywhere now, right? That won’t be what you think if you know how they are prepared! They are scraped of the back of the freezer, thawed in a microwave to get enough bacteria and then grilled in the same grill with meat burgers and non-vegetarian dishes.

4- In precise clear words, order that whatever you are buying from Coldstone does NOT have raisins. Say that you have an allergy to them or something. According to some of the workers there. The raisins have been there while some people were born, lived a whole life and then died and the raisins were still there.

5- People at Bloomin restaurant apparently don’t care if the customers have a heart attack after eating their onion dish. Each onion dish has 2000 calories.

Dishes You Should Not Eat at Food Chain Restaurants

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