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The Top 4 Things That Make Your Diet and Workout Worthless

When you notice that you have unsightly squishiness in your belly and butt, and weigh yourself and find the scale giving you heart breaking numbers, there is no way around it, you have to start the torture that is dieting and working out, right?

However, you can still diet and exercise your butt off, and still not lose weight. Why? Because, the following things are making these efforts worthless:

1- Dehydration. You don’t drink enough water, or you don’t drink water while you are eating, and then forget to drink water a while after eating. Whatever it is, you develop the habit of not drinking water and with it, you develop water retention. This makes you hit a plateau when trying to lose weight.

2- You starve yourself into losing weight. All those who lost weight and gained it back with a few – or many – extra pounds are people who starve themselves into losing weight. What happens here is that your metabolism drops into subzero levels to fight this emergency.

3- You load up on strange chemicals and questionable medicines and supplements. These things may – or may not – make you burn calories faster. However, what I am sure of is that they have a disastrous effect on your diet and liver. You may lose weight, but you will gain it back and some serious diseases as a bonus.

4- You rush it. Rushing it means you are stressing your body out, and by doing this you hit a plateau. Instead of losing weight just to look good, focus on the overall improvements in your health and mood that have resulted from the positive change in your lifestyle.

Things That Make Your Diet and Workout Worthless

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