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Top 3 Facial Washing Errors

We rely on washing our face to clean it from dirt, dust and other particles. In fact, washing the face is the most important step in any skin care regimen, and many people consider it the most basic part of the beauty routine, but unfortunately most of us do not do it properly.

Washing face in the wrong way contributes to a lot of skin problems, so try to avoid these mistakes while washing your face.

1. washing your face lots and lots:
It is important to wash our faces at regular intervals throughout the day, but washing the face too much can cause irritation, and promote the production of oils and skin irritation.

Wash your face twice a day in the morning after waking up to remove dirt and bacteria that have accumulated during sleeping, and a second wash at night before going to bed.

2. Rinsing the face with hot water:
Using hot water to wash your face, especially during the winter can be very comfortable but disastrous as it causes dry skin, and even washing your face with very cold water is not good because it irritates skin and breaks capillaries. Therefore, it’s better to use lukewarm water, and this will helps to keep your skin healthy.

3. not removing make-up first:
It is true that washing your face with a cleanser helps to remove make-up, dust and other particles from the skin; however, it is important to remove make-up before washing your face. By doing so, the cleanser can work best in cleaning the skin. To remove make-up, natural elements can be used such as coconut oil, or olive oil.

Facial Washing Errors

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