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The Top 3 Dos and Don’t You Should Heed When Choosing Accessories

Accessories are a must for every woman. They add that great final touch that makes you look like a winner and accentuate your looks. Women differ regarding how they choose their accessories and what they prefer to choose.

However, no matter what accessories you like to choose, you should keep a few things in mind so you wouldn’t be just throwing money down the drain. Here are some of the Dos and Don’ts you should heed.

1- First of all, Please please DON’T wear anything with Mickey, Minnie or any other cartoon pictures. Moreover, avoid pictures of cartoonish figures when buying accessories.

Wouldn’t you feel stupid when people stare in puzzlement at you as a grown up woman with cartoon figures on her accessories? It gets worse if you buy something pricy and are planning to keep it for the next five years or so.

2- Make sure you DO pick high quality materials for your accessories. For example, if you are shopping for a bag, pick a high quality real leather bag, if you are shopping for a chain, choose a golden one. Authentic high quality accessories handle wear and tear really well compared to other materials and look better too.

3- Don’t pick accessories decorated with real feathers or bones. Instead pick things with the design or image of feathers and bones for two reasons: One, the real thing is flimsy and won’t live long, two, bones and feathers give you this “manly” look. Moreover, I never saw any outfit where these things looked like they did it some good or made it better looking in any way.

Choosing Accessories

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