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  • 10 useful ways to use nail polish

    10 useful ways to use nail polish

    Are you a fan of Nail polish? Do you have tons of it? Or Do you hate it and it is not your thing? Well, love or hate you will not debate its use after reading this: 1. Put a stop to a stockings run We have all been there, it is a universal struggle. Now we can put an end to it by applying some nail polish right under the run. You will love it! 2. Cover up scratches Scartches on any surface tend to waste its aesthetic value, but not any more. Use your nail polish to cover up scratches on any surface, from shoes and boots to wood and plastic. The choices are nearly endless in colours.…

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  • 10 tips Wearing make up with glasses

    Now with 10 tips: Wearing make up with glasses that turns heads

    We always thought that wearing glasses hides the eyes and makes it impossible to wear make up beautifully. This idea is now outdated as it has been proven over and over that glasses can accentuate your look but how to wear make up that would suit your look correctly? 1. Thick lashes Thick lashes will make your eyes look bigger and better! Apply a double layer of waterproof mascara, this will make your lashes thick and prevent your lenses from getting smudgy. 2. Volume only Super-curling your lashes will make them hit the lenses so frequently, it becomes annoying. Use a volumizing mascara to get them thick because neither curly nor long will do you any good in this case.…

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  • Top 10 tips to master curling your hair

    Top 10 tips to master curling your hair

    The best version of curly is a natural curly! Overdoing your curls takes away from the charm. Master curling your hair with these tips: 1. Washing Washing your hair cleans it from excess oil and greasiness. Washing it more frequently than you should takes away the moisture. Avoid drying your hair through limiting your hair washing days. 2. Always moisturise To keep your hair moisturised, try applying a hair mask before taking a bath and the steam from the water will do the rest. Also, apply a conditioner every now and then to bring back moisture to the hair. It is vital to keep your hair moisturised all the time as it may dry due to water, air and heat.…

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  • Top 10 Health Benefits of Avocado

    Top 10 Health Benefits of Avocado

    Avocado is an excellent fruit with numerous influential health benefits. It is high in healthy fat unlike other fruits which are high in carbohydrates. Read further to get to know more about the health benefits of the super fruit. 1. Lowers Cholesterol and Triglyceride Levels Eating avocados help in lowering blood LDL and HDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels which improves blood pressure and heart conditions. 2. Relieves Arthritis Avocado extract is found to relieve symptoms of arthritis especially arthritis of bones, or osteoarthritis. 3. Helps Weight Loss As mentioned above, avocadoes are low in carbohydrates. They are also high in fibers, very healthy during diets and keep you satisfied. 4. High in Potassium Potassium is crucial for the heart and…

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  • The Top 10 Rich in Fiber Foods

    The Top 10 Rich in Fiber Foods

    With people everywhere raving about the importance of fiber you would think it is something your body uses up, right? Wrong! Although fiber is very necessary and important for digestion and overall health, it is pushed out of your body in the same quantity it has entered it. However, it slows digestion and lowers glucose and cholesterol. With such benefits, it is important to know the types of food richest in fiber, such as: 1- Compared to any other vegetable, artichoke is the one richest in fiber. It contains 10.3 g of fiber per medium vegetable. Strangely, people avoid them because of how they look. 2- Lentils are a type of legumes highly rich in fiber. Lentils are versatile and…

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  • Top 10 Unexpected Reasons of Dehydration

    Top 10 Unexpected Reasons of Dehydration

    Obvious reasons of dehydration like spending too much time outside on a sunny day, not drinking water for a long time and sweating through exercise are well-known and easily avoidable. However, there are several unexpected reasons of dehydration that we need to pay attention to. Hydration is of utmost importance because more than two thirds of the human body is made of water; so check out the following top unexpected causes of dehydration and how to overcome them. 10. Alcohol The body retains some of the fluids you consume with the help of an antidiuretic hormone. Alcohols, even small amounts, inhibit the effect of this hormone and replace its effect with a diuretic one which pushes water out of the…

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  • Health Benefits Of Grapes

    10 Health Benefits Of Grapes That Will Make You Want to Eat Them Now

    Imagine suffering from the heat of a summer day then someone offers you some delicious, juicy, mouthwatering cold grapes. Grapes are not only sweet and refreshing fruits, those little vine produce are packed with health benefits. Despite their small sizes, grapes contain vitamins A, B6, C and folate; minerals such as iron, selenium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium and magnesium; and powerful antioxidants called flavonoids. The top 10 health benefits of grapes are: 10. Eliminating Constipation The organic acid, cellulose and sugar found in grapes make them good laxative foods. Grapes are also rich in insoluble fibers that help in producing healthy intact stool bulk which is easier to excrete. On the other hand, grapes aren’t helpful in cases of diarrhea because…

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  • Cheapest and Most Practical Tools You Should Have in Your Kitchen

    The Top 10 Cheapest and Most Practical Tools You Should Have in Your Kitchen

    Maybe there are too many adjectives in the title, but seriously, I don’t have enough words to describe these tools. I think everyone should have each one of these in their kitchen. So, without further ado here is my list: 1- Practical skewers. They look like TV antenna and you can align the meat and veggies horizontally in them. 2- Wouldn’t it be wonderful to wake up to a smoothie, a slushy, or a simple milkshake? Just put the frozen inner piece in the outer cup, pour in the ingredients, then mix and scrape with the provided spoon. You have the perfect smoothie in less than 7 minutes. 3- I used to find slicing a pineapple very bothersome, but not…

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  • Top 10 Habits that Damage Your Kidneys

    Top 10 Habits that Damage Your Kidneys

    The kidney has various functions in which the body can’t live without. It filters the blood from its wastes, regulates blood pressure, balances electrolytes and helps in the production of red blood cells. A build up of wastes in the body may eventually lead up to kidney failure. The symptoms begin with shortness of breath, weakness, confusion and may lead up to abnormal heart rhythms and heart failure. In many cases, the body shows no such initial symptoms. The following are common habits we may all fall into that increase the risk of kidney failure. 1. Excessive Intake of Salt : Although our body needs sodium from salt, excessive salt increases blood pressure, thus increasing pressure on the kidneys and…

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  • Top 10 Health Benefits of Guava

    Top 10 Health Benefits of Guava

    Guava, or Amrood, is a highly nutritional tropical fruit grown seasonally. During its season, everyone has to make sure to benefit from its delicious unique flavor and high dietary value mentioned below. 10. Guava Prevents Diabetes : Consuming guava not only prevents diabetes, it also helps in a diabetic patient’s recovery. The fruit works like insulin plus it has a low glycemic index and high fiber content that regulates blood sugar levels. 9. Maintains Heart Health : Guava is known for lowering cholesterol and triglycerides levels in blood. In addition, it balances sodium and potassium levels keeping blood pressure on check. 8. Prevents Cancer : Vitamin C, lycopene, quercitin, and polyphenols are all anti-cancerous elements found in guava that are…

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  • Top 10 Health Benefits of Papayas, The Fruit of the Angels

    Top 10 Health Benefits of Papayas, The Fruit of the Angels

    Other than being an excellent source of Vitamin C, Papayas have many other health benefits that granted it the title of “The Fruit of the Angels” by Christopher Columbus. Here are some of papayas’ most characteristic health benefits: 10. Weight Loss : Papayas are excellent for your diet since it is low in calories and rich in fibers that can keep you full longer. It also facilitates your bowel movement. 9. A Fruit for Diabetics : Even though it’s a sweet tasting fruit, papayas are low in sugar and great for diabetic patients. 8. Prevents Cholesterol Buildup : Cholesterol buildup in your arteries causes serious heart problems and hypertension. Antioxidants, Vitamin C and fibers found in papayas lower your blood…

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  • Top 10 Things You Never Guessed Your Microwave Could Do

    Top 10 Things You Never Guessed Your Microwave Could Do

    Microwaves are in every house nowadays. Nonetheless, many of us are unaware of what our microwaves are capable of doing. Here’s a top 10 list of the many things your microwave can do: 10. Makes Citrus Juicier : Put your fruits in the microwave for half a minute and you’ll end up with juicier, easy to squeeze fruits for your drink. 9. Moist Stale Bread without Turning It Soggy : The best way to moist your stale bread in the microwave without ending up with soggy bread, wrap your bread in paper towel and keep it in the microwave for 10 seconds on high power. 8. Peel Fruits and Garlic Easier : If you have troubles with peeling certain fruits…

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  • Foods That Helps You With Bloating

    Ten Foods That Helps You With Bloating

    Bloating is an annoying problem that can be caused by several reasons, and luckily there are many foods that can help you with bloating, it is always recommended to try the healthy way to fix any health problem you experience before trying any medications, this is why we have brought you this list that consists of ten types of foods that will help you with bloating so read on. 1- Cucumber. Cucumber if consumed on regular bases can fill you up quickly and prevent the problem of bloating, it has fewer calories and more water, if you Consume foods that contain more water content, you will be able to digest and expel them faster which will make you look thinner…

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  • Top Ten Most Popular Games In The World

    Top Ten Most Popular Games In The World

    If you are interested in sports, this list is brought to you, we are going to list to you the top ten most popular sports in the world according to recent studies, most popular sports can be ranked according to watching rate, practicing rate or even the most revenue generating ones, but on this list we will focus more on the most watched sports so read on. 10- Golf. Golf comes on the tenth position of the rank, it is a ball game where players compete together using many clubs to hit the ball into a series of holes, the idea is to use fewer and successful strikes to score, Gold has an estimated 390 million fans in the USA,…

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  • Health Hazards of Using Technology

    10 Shocking Health Hazards of Using Technology

    Technology has taken over our lives to the degree that some of us can’t live a day without spending half of it or more using technology and its gadgets. The fact that technology is becoming more user-friendly than ever; no one would be surprised to see toddlers using it all the time. Our constant contact with technology exposes us to terrible health hazards as you will read on. 10. Cell Phone Allergies One expects naturally existing factors like certain foods, pollen and animal fur to be the main reasons of allergies but cell phones can cause allergic reactions too. A facial allergic reaction like dermatitis can appear because of facial contact with cell phones. You can prevent this problem be…

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  • Top 10 Mouthwatering Fruits to Enjoy Throughout Summer

    Top 10 Mouthwatering Fruits to Enjoy Throughout Summer

    Temperatures are rising, so start preparing your fruit ninja kit to overcome summer heat! Sweating too much in the summer makes you lose a lot of water and minerals; the best way to get good hydration and minerals is to eat some nutritious summer fruits. In case you leave in a really humid area, sweat wouldn’t evaporate off your skin and cool you down, but you can find refuge from the heat with fruits. Drinking sufficient water is essential for hydration, but you can add to your hydration with fruits and juices. Although it might be more tempting to drink cold juices than eating fresh fruits, the latter is a healthier option because it contains less sugar. Here are 10…

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  • Ten Ways To Alleviate Stress

    Ten Ways To Alleviate Stress

    Stress is never desired but unfortunately it is a part of our lives all, the life the we live everyday is full of difficult situations that is very challenging to remain peace in the mind while dealing with, but even in the most stressful situations, you can train your mind to feel less stressed. Stress harm the body in many ways, all the hormones and chemicals produced when you are stressed disturbs the proper functionality of many of the body systems, therefore it is important to control stress in your life. Below is presented our most effective ten tips to eliminate stress from your life so read on. 1- Sleep Enough. The first step you need to follow in order…

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  • Ten Ways To Look After Your Mental Health

    Ten Ways To Look After Your Mental Health

    Your mental health is important to have the ability to deal with the challenges of every day, manage the ups and downs, learn new things, function on a good base and maintain healthy social relations with others, just like your physical health where you need to follow certain steps in order to take care of it, your mental health as well need to be taken care of and looked after, by making only a few changes in your life, you can increase your mental health and well being, the following is ten tips to keep your mind and body healthy and active so read on. 10- Build Strong Social Relations. Healthy relationships with others have a great effect on our…

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  • Ten Tips To Have Young And Healthy Skin

    Ten Tips To Have Young And Healthy Skin

    Our skin reflects our ages, mood and health, therefore we all must take good care of it in order to maintain our skin healthy, shiny and young. The easiest way to take care of your skin is by following some significant steps and avoiding any sources of potential harm for your skin, below we have compiled to you a list of ten essential tips to follow in order to keep your skin all ang and healthy so read on. 10- Avoid Too Much Exposure To Sunlight. While sunlight carry some health benefits for our bodies, it also carry a lot of damaging factors of our skin, the severity depends on how fair the skin is, fair skin need lees exposure…

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  • Terrifying Diseases That Can Be Caught from Pets

    10 Terrifying Diseases That Can Be Caught from Pets

    Humans befriended animals and made them their pets a long time ago. Although pets are fun to have around and some of them serve as the most loyal friends, you can catch terrifying diseases from your lovely pet if you don’t take care. That is why it is important to take care of your hygiene after dealing with pets; make the pet get all necessary vaccinations; and constantly check with a vet. Some pet related diseases include: 10. Tapeworm Although tapeworms are mostly caught by eating undercooked meat, they can be caught by dealing with pets. This can happen by swallowing a dog or cat flea that is infected with tapeworm larvae. The larvae then reach the intestine and develop…

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