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Top 10 Weird Yet Effective Health Tips

Pieces of advice concerning health are everywhere; some of them might not be applicable and others might be misunderstood. This article tackles health tips you might have not heard of before yet can make a great impact on your well being. Keep reading to get surprised with the top ten weird yet effective health tips.

10. Antibacterial Soap Will Make You Sick

Antibacterial soap advertisements claim that they keep you and your family healthy by terminating almost all harmful bacteria in less time than regular soap. However, when you wash your hands well with regular soap, you are getting rid of dirt and germs effectively without being exposed to the dangers of ingredients found in antibacterial versions such as triclosan.

9. Naps Can Be Improved with Caffeine

Alertness of the brain is affected by a molecule called adenosine. Naps decrease adenosine levels to make us less tired and more alert after waking up. Studies showed that drinking about two cups of coffee prior to a nap boosts the nap’s effect as the caffeine works as an adenosine-blocker.

8. Energy Drinks Makes You More Tired

Energy drinks are packed with caffeine and sugar to give you a temporary energy boost. Energy drinks have horrible side effects such as increased heartbeat, anxiety and a bad temper. These effects leave you more tired than before drinking the stuff and makes you crave more drinks.

7. Exercising Beats Fatigue

Do you feel that you are out of energy and cannot do anything? A counterintuitive yet effective solution is to get up and move your tired body to give you a boost. Exercise improves a person’s mood and restores energy by improving blood supply to the body, providing it with refreshing oxygen and improving its immunity.

6. Brushing Your Teeth after Eating Harms Them

Eating or drinking acidic foods and drinks expose your teeth enamel to erosion. Directly brushing your teeth after having such meals increases the effect of acid on the teeth. That is why it is recommended to brush teeth at least half an hour or after a complete hour after savoring an acidic meal.

5. Hot Beverages Cool Your Body

Most of us resort to a cold drink in order to defy hot temperatures. However, drinking hot beverages can help your body cool off effectively too. The secret behind this is that hot beverages increase the body’s internal temperature which triggers sweat mechanism to cool off. Hence, lose the ice tea and stick with a regular steaming cup of tea to sweat and let the water evaporate off your skin with the heat.

4. Losing Weight Can Be Done by Eating More

If you compare someone who eats a little amount of food that is carbohydrate full with someone who eats a lot of food that is rich with proteins and fibers, the latter gains less weight yet feels fuller after every meal. Little amounts of carbohydrates also have the dangers of spiking up blood sugar and making you hungrier.

3. Diet Soda Increases Your Weight

Diet sodas are not completely free from calories. If you really intend to lose weight, you should ditch all kinds of sodas. Instead of choosing sodas to refresh, drink water flavored with lemon or strawberry in order to hydrate your body and aid detoxification.

2. Writing Notes Enhances Your Memory

When attending a lecture or a seminar that you want to remember its contents, write down notes while listening to it. The writing process helps you store the information as you are processing them by writing and seeing them with your eyes. When you try to recall the information, you are more likely to remember what popped in your mind while writing the notes.

1. Drinking Water Relieves Bloating

Avoiding water when you feel bloated is a common misconception. When a body becomes dehydrated, it becomes bloated while trying to retain water. When you drink water to defy that dehydration, the body gets rid of the extra water and makes you less bloated.

Top 10 Weird Yet Effective Health Tips

Top 10 Weird Yet Effective Health Tips

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