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Top 10 tips to master curling your hair

The best version of curly is a natural curly! Overdoing your curls takes away from the charm. Master curling your hair with these tips:

1. Washing
Washing your hair cleans it from excess oil and greasiness. Washing it more frequently than you should takes away the moisture. Avoid drying your hair through limiting your hair washing days.

2. Always moisturise
To keep your hair moisturised, try applying a hair mask before taking a bath and the steam from the water will do the rest. Also, apply a conditioner every now and then to bring back moisture to the hair. It is vital to keep your hair moisturised all the time as it may dry due to water, air and heat. Befriend the factors of nature and have them on your side!

3. When to comb the curls?
Dry brushing is hazardous to your curls, it will make it split end. Try combing your hair when the conditioner is still in; this is softer on your hair.

4. How to comb the curls?
The best ways to comb your curls are with your fingers or with a wide toothed comb. This will keep your curls intact for a long period of time.

5. Dry ’em right
To dry your curls tight use a a blow dryer, twirl them and crunch them up in your hand. This will leave you with beautiful fullong lasting curls.

6. No towel
Normal towels can be harsh on your hair and it may cause split ends. Replace your towel with a soft cotton shirt to prevent frizz and tangles.

7. Soft pillowcases
Your pillowcases can mean the difference between a good hair day and a bad hair day. Try satin or silk pillowcases to prevent messing your hair while a sleep. Not only will it feel good while asleep, but your hair will also thank you for it in the morning!

8. Workout
To keep your curls intact while working out, apply a small amount of conditioner and put your hair in a bun. During your workout your scalp will heat up and this heat will help lock in the moisture.

9. Texture
When it comes to hair, it is all about texture. Apply some hair oil or mouse to add some texture to your curls.

10. Morning natural curls
To have natural curls in the morning, try a twist braid before you go to sleep. You will love how your hair looks when you wake up!

Top 10 tips to master curling your hair

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