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Top 10 things About the British Royalty!

10. Royalty never dies!

Obviously, people do die and even royalties. However, the Sovereignty never does. When one monarch does die, the successive one in line is immediately named monarch. This is how things work within such a monarchy!

9. Queen Elizabeth

King James VI of Scotland was at the very same time King James I of England. This makes Queen Elizabeth II of England also Queen Elizabeth I of Scotland. However, she is not considered so and this made things a little less messy but now any governmental issuance would only cary the crown of Scotland on it!

8. King and Queen

A king’s wife is naturally a queen but the opposite is not true. In 1947 Queen Elizabeth married Phillip Mountbatten, prince of Greece, and he had to renounce all his Greek titles. In exchange, Phillip Mountbatten became prince of Edinburgh. Had he not been given this title, he would have simply remained only Phillip Mountbatten!

7. The reigning name

It came as blindly new for a lot of people to know that each monarch chooses the name under which he or she shall reign. After condolences are made, the question is asked to monarch before he accedes to the throne. A lot of monarchs chose different names; Queen Victoria was Princess Alexandrina of kent and King George VI was Prince Albert The Duke of Wales.

6. The constitution

It is rather different to know that the UK has absolutely no written constitution whatsoever. There has never been and it is not expected to happen in the future. However, the UK runs by the different acts made by the parliament. No matter what, there is not a single documemt that would be regarded as a constitution.

5. Where is the monarchy based?

In 1837, Queen Victoria was crowned and she chose The Buckingham palace as her residence. But was it then considered the monarchy’s basis? No, St. James palace was always the one and only basis for the monarchy. After all, it is were kings and queens are crowned. However, the palace of the monarch’s residence is something that is considered as an individual choice of the king or the queen.

4. The guards

London and even England are famous for The guards! When you think of the sentry, it always comes to mind the picture of the red outfit. Did you ever ask yourself about their nature? Like what is it that they are meant to do? It is highly important to know that these guards are members of the army and their job is to defend the Queen at any cost. They do not work as a decorative piece to the Queen’s palace, but rather a highly alert soldier whose task is to fight any possible threat.

3. The parliament

The parliament generally runs the whole country with the government. However, every single year the Queen has to attend a ceremony called The State Opening of The Parliament. In this ceremony, the Queen reads a statement made by her government to state the new year’s political goals. This statement outlines the objectives of the new year and marks the beginning of the new parliamentary yeat. For real, this ceremony has no significance or roots in the monarchy’s history other than stating the monarchy’s supremacy under which the government rules.

2. Titles

Titles really matter in a royal family, some titles are even reserved for certain members of the royal family before they are born by order. For instance, the title Duke Of Cornwall is always for the monarch’s eldest son and so is the title Duke Of Rothesay by which he will be named for the scotts. Likely, the title Duke Of York is reserved for the second son of the monarch. Pricess Royal is title which is reserved also for the eldest daughter of the monarch. Order really matters here!

1. Scotland

The Queen spends one week in her winter palace in Edinburgh in The Holyroodhouse palace. Then she would spend her six weeks of summer in The Balmoral Castle. However, Balmoral castle is always a second fiddle to Holyroodhouse palace!

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