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Top 10 Habits that Damage Your Kidneys

The kidney has various functions in which the body can’t live without. It filters the blood from its wastes, regulates blood pressure, balances electrolytes and helps in the production of red blood cells. A build up of wastes in the body may eventually lead up to kidney failure. The symptoms begin with shortness of breath, weakness, confusion and may lead up to abnormal heart rhythms and heart failure. In many cases, the body shows no such initial symptoms. The following are common habits we may all fall into that increase the risk of kidney failure.

1. Excessive Intake of Salt : Although our body needs sodium from salt, excessive salt increases blood pressure, thus increasing pressure on the kidneys and makes it more difficult to function.

2. Too much Caffeine : Like salt, caffeine raises your blood pressure affecting your kidneys. Consequently, regular consumption of caffeine raises the risk of kidney damage.

3. Dehydration : One of the kidney’s main functions is detoxification. When you drink too little water, it raises toxin levels in the body which harms many organs including the kidney.

4. Restraining Urination : As you restrain from urination, urine starts to build up putting pressure on your kidneys and starts to form stones.

5. Red Meat : Excessive animal protein affects your overall metabolism and may lead to kidney failure.

6. Alcohol : Too much alcohol usually results in kidney and liver failure.

7. Painkillers : A lot of people are fully dependant on painkillers; however, excessive consumption of painkillers damages the kidney and the liver.

8. High Sugar Consumption : Consuming too much sugar increases protein levels in your urine which signals kidney malfunction.

9. Not Getting Enough Vitamins and Minerals : Proper function of the kidney requires consuming enough vitamins and minerals including magnesium and vitamin B6.

10. Not Getting Enough Sleep : The body starts repairing kidney tissues during sleep. Therefore, getting enough sleep is necessary for the kidney’s health.
Top 10 Habits that Damage Your Kidneys

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