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Top 10 Former Celebrity Jobs

10. Brad pitt

One of the most handsome movie stars of all times but what did he work before he became a star? A chicken mascot for El Pollo Colo. Yup, this face was actually hidden under a chicken’s face. However, good for him and for us this face was not hidden long. Now, we can actually enjoy his talent on the big screen.

9. Jason Lee

The ‘My Name is Earl’ star was going to be a major skateborder but he left this to pursue a career in acting. In his series he is someone who never works, however, he is quite the contrary in real life. His first job was in Taco Bell.

8.Whoopi Goldberg

Of all weird jobs, this one has a category set aside on its own. Goldberg worked as a mortuary beautician! She could have worked a lot of things but she chose this one. She could have done whatever task but she chose making the dead look nice as her task. I wonder if she liked it!

7. Clint Eastwood

Eastwood, the most amazing star of all times and one of the most attractive cowboy ever also had a different first job. The superstar’s first Job was digging swimming pools for the rich families and what a start it was!

6. Chaning Tatum

I believe a lot of people have an idea of his previous job, however his job counts as a wierd one. Before being a heartbreaking superstar, Tatum worked as a stripper! In his movie, Magic Mike he took the role of a stripper and it came natural to him. An interesting job choice!

5. Gene Simmons

Choosing a teacher for your kid, you mostly look for someone you can trust! This teacher is a companion in the journey of knowledge. Simmons at a certain period of his life worked as a companion; I mean a teacher and to be precise an elementary teacher. The heavy metal artist pursued a career of teaching before, those kids must have had tons of fun!

4. Mathew Macconaughy

The talented actor worked as a chicken coop cleaner at a time in his life. He was a new student here and he needed money. Apparently, the choices were not of a numerous type but thankfully we got to see him perform. Right?!

3. George Clooney

Clooney had a less bizzare job which was a shoes salesman. Yet, it is hard to picture him giving advice about shoes and trying to convince a client that this shoes is better than that or that you can buy more than one and get a discount. However, I imagine he would have done it in the smart and appealing Clooney way of which George Clooney is the only worthy one!

2. Rob Stewart

Well, back to bizzare! Rob stewart, the musician, worked as a grave digger. Now, that is a hard job though not harder mentally than whoopi Goldberg’s. However, the star is not actually keen on telling much stories about this period of his life.

1. Christopher Walken

This strong man is probably the only one who chose something that suits hiS character. What did he do for a living? He worked as a lion tamer for quite a while. Now, it is actually imaginable that Walken worked as such maybe because he has this strong face that is full of stubbornness and wisdom at the same time. He is the man!

At a certain point of everyone’s life, we tend to work something that does not suit us or even seem to work for us. Do not be beaten down, think of those who got what they aspired for and probably more. It is not hard to reach your dreams, but it is hard to refrain from doing what you do in the best possible way you can as it kills something precious in you. Do what you do and do it with determination that it will not beat you to be a failure under the claim of not finding the right thing!

Top 10 former celebrity jobs