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Top 10 Food lovers of all time!

10. James Brady and the insane appetite

Diamond James Brady or James Buchanan Brady, the railroad tycoon was known for his love for jewellery and food. His love for jewellery gave him his nickname ‘Diamond’ and his love for food made his special chef and famous restaurateur George Rector say about him that he is the best ’25 customers I ever had’. His menu, over time, has been altered a lot but the quantities and menu mixings remain confusingly the same.

9. ‘The Elvis’

Elvis Presley also had his share of this madness in his days and most people saw how drugs and his most beloved fatty food have affected his health. He, reportedly, spent around 16,000$ for a meal of his favourite peanut butter and banana sandwiches a long with bacons and much much more. The man did have an appetite after all!

8. Henry VIII

The monotonous ruler was known for hos love of sex and food; in short he was an embodiment of gluttony in his days. His appetite for food was astonishing even when he was young, however, his figure was not affected by it till he became crippled. He used to hunt, dance and wrestle till he suffered an injury which left him unable to exercise. He threw parties all the time, and these parties extended for 50 joined rooms which only meant more and more food.

7. Elagabalus

Allegedly, he was the worst Roman leader Rome ever saw to the extent that his own guardian took part in his assassination. He indulged in multiple twisted sexual acts along with, of course, his love for food. He liked eating stuffed birds like peacocks, parakeets and he liked having a mix of their brains at every single meal.

6. Sideropgagus

In the 18th century, this man had a very successful show on stage in which he used to eat anything made of iron that was presented to him. It was rather a competition between him and his audience on whether or not he will be able to eat whatever was presented to him by the audience. He ate iron keys, wires , needles and basically anything made of iron.

5. Battalia

Off to stone we go, our hero in this game used to eat, chew and digest anything there was that was made of stones. As a matter of fact, at the end of every show he used to shake very violently to enable the audience to hear the stones moving in his stomach. Dr. Bulwer is a medical doctor who wanted to make sure that Battalia was not a fraud, he would remain with him for 24 hrs after his show. He reported that Battalia’s wastes were sandy, the man did digest the stones!

4. M. Dufon

The French guy was famous for eating a more exotic kinds of food like bats, rats, flies, spiders and the likes. Not only that, one day he wanted to honor his audience so he ate all the candles in the roon while they were still lit and to finish off he just washed them down with some brandy!

3. Thomas Eclin

Animal lovers, go away for a drink on this one! Eclin was a drunk Irish man who ate nearly everthing and was not afraid to try anything new whenever the opportunity presented itself. Mr.Eclin here used to eat animals alive especially cats! If that man was alive, I would have reported him myself!

2. The great eater of Kent

This name was given to Nicholas Wood by the famous poet John taylor when he saw him eating food fit for eight men in Kent. He would eat a dozen of rabbits along with some ‘side dishes’. Taylor convinced him to go to London to appear in a show of his own doing what he loves most; eat. He got cold feet and was never seen again.

1. Antoine Langulet

Well, let’s just say that there is a fair reason this man is number one on our list. The French guy got in a mental asylum for his unhealthy diet! By his own confession, he used to eat disgusting things ever since he was a little boy. Got a clue yet? His favourite meal was rotten meat and dead animals. He had a friend who owned horses and he used this friendship to secure a place where he can find his favourite meals! He searched in the sewers, on the streets and finally in cemeteries to feed off dead carcasses! It was not that he didn’t have access to food, it was just his ‘gout’!

Stay safe, do not try this! 😀

Top 10 Food lovers of all time!

Top 10 Food lovers of all time! Top 10 Food lovers of all time! Top 10 Food lovers of all time! Top 10 Food lovers of all time! Top 10 Food lovers of all time! Top 10 Food lovers of all time! Top 10 Food lovers of all time!

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