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The Top 10 Cheapest and Most Practical Tools You Should Have in Your Kitchen

Maybe there are too many adjectives in the title, but seriously, I don’t have enough words to describe these tools. I think everyone should have each one of these in their kitchen. So, without further ado here is my list:

1- Practical skewers. They look like TV antenna and you can align the meat and veggies horizontally in them.

2- Wouldn’t it be wonderful to wake up to a smoothie, a slushy, or a simple milkshake? Just put the frozen inner piece in the outer cup, pour in the ingredients, then mix and scrape with the provided spoon. You have the perfect smoothie in less than 7 minutes.

3- I used to find slicing a pineapple very bothersome, but not anymore. All I need now is a pineapple slicer and de-corer. Just remove the pineapple top and use it to eat pineapple slices in few minutes.

4- A dip-clip is also a must have for all those who love dipping (who doesn’t?). Put your favorite condiment in the bowl clip and clip it to your plate of chips.

5- A steamer colander is worth its weight in gold. It is very handy and flexible, and since you can roll it, it doesn’t need much space to store away.

6- Snapi looks like a big clam and you can use it to serve pasta and salad quickly and simply. No more holding bowls and ladles around.

7- This one has a long name: “Touch Sensing Travel Cup with Temperature Display”. It tells you the temperature of your drink so that you would know if your drink is too hot or too cold to drink.

8- Collapsible Produce Keeper is another handy kitchen tool every practical housewife should have. It is an air tight container with an adjustable size that can be used to store food.

9- Toaster grilled cheese bags are another must have. The name says it all, but what I really like about them is that you will not feel too bad about your rarely used toaster anymore.

10- This one is an old idea with a new cute look. Paws kitchen gloves look so cute that I bet your kids will want to start to learn cooking!

Cheapest and Most Practical Tools You Should Have in Your Kitchen

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