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Some people get stuck in a relationship which is leading to nowhere; it is like a pseudo- relationship where you may think there would be something more but actually it is doomed. A girl may mistakenly think the guy is her soul-mate, and it could take a while before she realizes that, so she can finally move on.

While moving on is painful, but this step should be made to eventually meet the real soul-mate. Here below are some clues telling it is time to move on from a relationship, and they apply to friendships as well:

• You find yourself living in past memories more than the present; you try to feel good about the relationship by replaying the happy moments in it. You use these happy memories to continue in this relationship, but the more you live in the past memories the more you live in a self- created reality, which is dangerous because it does not reflect the actual state of the relationship.

You should realize that past memories cannot be a reason to stay together; your decision to stay with the person should be based on your current feelings for him and the future you see for your relationship together.

• The relationship brings you more pain than joy; you tend to be blinded by the happy memories to the extent of forgetting about the current pain it brings you. If your relationship leaves you unhappy, frustrated and in tears so often, perhaps this person is not the right one for you. Something is amiss if the main source of happiness in your relationship is from past happy moments.

• He expects you to change who you are – unconditional love is the truest form of love; your partner should not ask you to change unless it is for your own good such as to adopt a healthier diet or to quit smoking.


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