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All You Need to Know about Sleeve Gastrectomy

Are you one of the people suffering from obesity? Let’s rephrase that, are you so fed up with an excess fat mass that amounts to about 25% or more of your overall weight? If you are, then maybe you should consider weight loss surgeries as a solution. One of these surgeries is Sleeve Gastrectomy. Here is how it goes, and why you should or shouldn’t do it.

This surgery, sometimes called Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy is conducted by cutting approximately four fifths of the stomach. What is left of the stomach is a part that looks like a banana. The new “banana” stomach holds a considerably smaller amount of food compared to the normal stomach and thus it lessens the calories you receive.

This surgery increases the amount and efficiency of gut hormones which affects a number of factors including hunger, fullness, and blood sugar control. According to several conducted studies, this surgery treats and prevents the incidence of type 2 diabetes in addition to its original purpose, the treatment of obesity.

Why you should do it:

– It greatly limits the amount of food you can eat (almost like all the food you used to eat)

– Makes you lose weight greatly and quickly. You lose over 50% of your excess weight in about 3 years.

– It doesn’t include attaching or installing any devices, and it doesn’t change the direction of the food stream.

– You don’t need to stay in the hospital for the surgery or the recovery period for more than 2 days.

– It suppresses hunger, reduces appetite and improves fullness.

– It cannot be reversed

– It causes nutrients deficiencies on the long run.

– Rather dangerous with a high rate of complications.

 Sleeve Gastrectomy

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