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All You Need to Know about Gastric Bypass Surgery

Losing weight is undeniably a difficult process. Heck, it is so difficult sometimes that people resort to some drastic measures – such as surgery – to lose weight. Gastric Bypass is one type of weight loss surgeries called Bariatric surgeries. These surgeries force you to severely lessen the amount of food you eat making you lose weight ultimately. Here are some information about it if you are considering it.

How Is It Done?

There are two steps to performing this surgical procedure. First, the surgeon will make a small stomach pouch, about one ounce or 30 milliliters in size, by dividing the top part of the stomach from the rest of the organ. Next, the surgeon will divide the first portion of the small intestine, and the bottom edge of the newly divided small intestine is brought up and connected to the newly created stomach pouch.

The surgeon finishes up by connecting the top part of the divided small intestine to the small intestine down so that the stomach acids and digestive enzymes from first portion of small intestine and the bypassed stomach will digest the food eventually.

As a result, this new food stream detour leads to changes in gut hormones that suppress hunger, promote satiety, and reverse the whole process that causes obesity induces type 2 diabetes.

Why You Should Do It:

This leads to a significant long-term weight loss (you lose almost all of your excess weight)
This process reduces the amount of food that you can consume
It may lead to increasing your overall energy levels
Gives you better weight losing mechanism (increased production of satiety hormones and lesser production of hunger hormones)

Why You Shouldn’t Do It:

Since it is such a difficult surgery, it may lead to severe complications in significantly big rates.
It may cause complications related to long-term lack of vitamins and minerals deficiencies especially deficits in iron, calcium, vitamin B12, and folate
Also, it has a longer hospital stay than other weight loss surgeries.

 Gastric Bypass Surgery

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