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All You Need To Know About ALS

Lou Gehrig’s or commonly known as ALS is a neurodegenerative diseases that don’t have a cure for currently, the month of May is considered an official month to spread knowledge and awareness about the diseases and to also try to provide any help for people who are suffering from it, there is no cure to the disease and unfortunately there are several misconceptions floating around that make the people suffering from this disease have even more problems dealing with their case and adapting to it, below are things you must know about this disease so read on.

1- What Is ALS?

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis is a progressive neurodegenerative diseases in which the nerves in the brain are affected, ALS causes progressive degeneration I’m the neurons cells that connects between the brain and the spinal cord, as those neurons cells die, the brain becomes unable to transfer any signals to the muscles of the body causing complete paralysis for the patient.

2- It Is Not Contagious.

Although the real cause for ALS is still quit unknown by science, it is not contagious, people who spend a lot of time in a small proximity with the patients are not susceptible to develop the disease themselves.

3- Estimated Numbers of Cases.

Almost every two people in every 100.000 get the disease, in the USA, 5600 cases get diagnosed yearly with ALS and while the number may seem small to you, it is a dangerous health condition that requires an immediate cure.

4- The Life Span And Expectancy to Patients.

The life expectancy to patients diagnosed with ALS is ranging between two to three years, however many patients survive being the three years mark and some of them even lived pass five years, however the quality of their life is very bad as they lose control over all their body muscles and can’t do nothing for themselves.

5- Symptoms Of The Disease.

The symptoms of the early stages of the disease include muscles stiffness and pain, in a progressive stage of the diseases patients start to experience difficulties breathing, swallowing and controlling their speech.

About ALS

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