Try To Keep One Eye Closed During Your Midnight Toilet Break, Try These Brilliant Body Hacks

Our human body can amazingly heal itself from cuts, wounds and ailments without any intervention from us, however sometimes you just want to push your body to get back to its usual state a bit faster, so try these useful body hacks for a quick healing process for everything from hiccups to numb fingers.

Keep One Eye Closed When You Take Your Night Bathroom Breaks.
Every suffered from being able to get back to sleep again quickly after a short midnight bathroom break? Well it was proved that when the retina of the eye get exposed to bright light that can trick your brain into feeling it is daytime already making it hard to get back to sleep, so by keeping one eye closed you can then quickly readjust to the darkness and fall back into sleep once the light is turned off.

Roll Your Neck.
You know how it feels like when you lay your body weight against your arm of hand, when your limps and fingers become numb and go to sleep; Dr OZ says that when you lean your body weight against a nerve in your arm you cause it to get compressed and prevent the natural supply of oxygen to that nerve which cause the limps numbness, in this case instead of flying your arms like a crazy chicken to wake up those frozen limps opt to lean your head to the back of your neck, the nerves in your neck run directly to your arms and down to your hands and they are the main cause of limps numbness, however this trick won’t work with your feet though, you will have to keep on doing that stomping dance to wake your toes up.

Hiccups Rounds.
What is more annoying than a round of hiccups that won’t leave you alone? Hiccups happen when the air you are breathing in and out normally get halted by your vocal cords due to spasms in your diaphragm , this can happen as a result of swallowing food too fast, swallowing air like when you chew bubble gums, sudden change in your stomach temperature or just an excitement. When this happen just try to open your mouth and swallow your saliva reflexively, continue swallowing while your mouth is open, this may help to ease the spasms in your diaphragm.

Hold Back Your Tears.
It happened to most of us where we experienced a meltdown situation in public, whether it is hearing a sudden bad news or just being overwhelmed by an excessively stressful workday, a meltdown can happen in times and situations that could cause embarrassment that is not desired, if you feel your tears are going to pour out of your eyes, try this easy and simple trick to hold your tears back, try to look around at different objects, register in your mind the color and shape of each object and slowly start naming them to yourself, by staring at different objects you will trick your mind to focus on a different matter to the one that is causing your stress which in turn will calm your nerves down, relax your heart rate and prevent your tears from gushing out.

Pull Your Ears.
While you may massage your temples while experiencing a headache, there are other pressure points that when pressed can make a better result, try to pull your ears next time you start feeling a headache coming up, rubbing your temples can only relieve pain in the brow area, this ears pulling technique can provide an instant relief all over, to try this, gently hold the flesh of your ears and pull it out and back, this helps in allowing more cerebral-spinal fluid to flow to your brain, nourishing and cleansing it while relieving the pain at the mean time.

Try To Keep One Eye Closed During Your Midnight Toilet Break, Try These Brilliant Body Hacks

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