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Tips for Working Housewives

Being a working mother is one of the toughest jobs ever. We – working mothers – work day and night, almost restless because we struggle to balance between work and family. We often worry about “what is next” rather than “what is now”; and that is to stay ahead of the demanding hectic schedules.

It is better for our mental health to train our minds to be more present; by doing so, we will adjust the brain by improving memory, increasing decision-making skill, and preventing stress. This will benefit us on both professional and personal lives.

Women should also let go of guilt for not being with their kids for long hours and be convinced that their work is also benefitting the family. Worrying about our children while we are at work will not let us do our jobs properly; we should draw a clear line between family time and work time. Working moms shouldn’t follow bad press with pointless stories based on “latest research” that working mothers are the main reason of damaging children’s health/imagination/intelligence.

It is better not to do everything yourself, get some help. You can’t do it all yourself, you will break down eventually. For easy mornings, be organized the night before by preparing the morning meals or school bags or even preparing your outfit for work, and avoid any ironing in the morning as well.

Organizing a calendar for the family is a smart way to make life easier, write down family priorities such as family events, dentist check-ups, dates of paying bills and birthdays.

Women need to let go…live a little…or else life will slip through their fingers.

Tips for Working Housewives

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