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Tips for Working Households

The adventure we call being a working mother is really hard and hilarious. We – as working mothers – function on a daily basis and struggle to balance between our work and family. We are often preoccupied with “what’s next” rather than “what’s now”; in order to stay ahead of our demanding schedules, trying to be as effective as we can.

So training our minds to be more present can help; which alters the brain by improving memory, supporting decision-making capabilities, and preventing stress and anxiety; this benefits to enhance both our professional and personal lives.

We also have many other tips like; letting go the guilt of not being with our children and knowing that our work is also benefitting the family, as worrying about our children at work won’t let us do our jobs properly; drawing a clear line between work time and family time; ignoring bad press and not bothering reading pointless news stories based on ‘latest research’ and blaming working mothers for damaging their child’s health/intelligence/long-term prospects; stop doing everything by yourself, get help, women can’t have it all or they’d fall over; making the mornings easier by avoiding starting the day exhausted, and that is by getting organized the night before.

It is easier to organize a calendar of our family priorities that includes dates when bills are due, school and family events, birthdays and more.

Working mothers fall in the trap of grilling themselves, they consider everything related to home is their own responsibility.

And that includes: never getting any of the kids ill, high school grades, healthy means everyday of the week, spending enough time with the husband and kids, empty laundry basket, a fridge full of healthy food and fruits, constant checkups, having high motivated and skilled children and making sports a priority in their lives.

Women need to let go…live a little…or else life will skip through their fingers.

Tips for Working Households

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