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Seven Tips To Treat Acnes Vulgaris Quickly

Acne vulgaris is a very common skin condition between people of all age groups and skin types, but it needs a special and close medical attention and regular person hygiene, there are different treatments that was found effective for this skin condition according to the severity of the condition, below are some tips you may find helpful for treating acne vulgaris.

1- Wash With Water Regularly.

One if the most important yet simplest ways to take care of acne vulgaris is by regularly washing the face with water every two hours, first wash your face with warm water and then follow with cold or normal water, you can also use a mild face wash to do this process, make sure you don’t touch the acnes with your fingers or crush them as that can cause them to spread in the other areas of the face or neck.

2- Use Sandalwood And Rosewater.

As soon as you notice a zit or an acne on your face, the first thing you should do after washing your face is applying a paste of Sandalwood mixed with Rosewater on the zit to prevent the oil from spreading to the surrounding area and other acnes or zits from erupting.

3- Eat Healthy.

Eating has a key role to play in treating acnes, eating more foods with vitamin C like fresh fruits and vegetables can effectively treat acnes even on a very early stage, reduce Oily, sugary or spicy foods which can increase the problem and make it much worse.

4- Visit A Dermatologist.

Once your acne or zit start getting badly infected or don’t go away within maximum two weeks then you should consider visiting a dermatologist immediately, the doctor can prescribe a prober antibiotic cream or even drain the septic liquid in the zit.

5- Exercise Regularly.

Acnes can be caused by many reasons including stress or over consumption of fat, which both can be fixed with a regular routine of exercises, it was noticed that people who Exercise Daily for at least twenty minutes face less or no problems at all when it comes to acnes.

6- Change Your Cosmetics

Applying makeup on infected acnes is one of the worst things to do, it can worsen the problem so much, so if you are prone to having acnes during a specific season like the summer try to avoid putting any makeup in the affected area until it heals, keeping the area dry and clean will help speed up the healing time.

7- Use Natural Remedies.

Before you use any natural home remedies to treat acnes you must be extra cautious as applying the wrong thing on the affected area can increase the problem, among the best home remedies to treat acnes are using plain lemon juice on the pimple three times a day or ruping half a glove if garlic on the acne.

Tips To Treat Acnes Vulgaris Quickly

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