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Five Tips To Make Your Fragrant Lasts All Day

You may have asked yourself many times how can your girlfriends or your co-workers maintain their fresh smell the whole day when your fragrance starts to fade in the first two hours? If you want to know the secret, follow these tips instead of spraying perfume on every hour and you will be amazed how you can go all day smelling great.

1- Pick Your Perfume Correctly.

If you want your perfume to last all day then choose brands that are strong and consists of essential oils and strong fragrant like sandalwood rather than other lighter scents.
Additionally, try to choose perfumes that are oil-based rather than others that are alcohol-based perfumes.

2- Use Scented Shower Gel.

If you use a scented shower gel, shampoo and body oils you will manage to maintain a fresh body smell that lasts for long hours.
Match the fragrant of your shower products with your perfume and body spray so they all work in unity and don’t end you up smelling of too many different things.

3- Spray Your Perfume In The Right Areas.

Spraying your perfume in the hidden areas of your body that don’t get in contact with materials often helps in keeping your perfume strong for longer.
So instead of spraying your clothes or your hand balms, opt to spray slightly behind your ears, on your neck, behind your knees and on your shoulders.

4- Don’t Rub The Perfume After You Spray It.

Rubbing the perfume on your skin after applying it will make its smell fade away much faster than if you don’t.
Just spray your perfume lightly and allow it to dry on its own in place.

5- Moisturize Your Skin.

The perfume will last way longer if the area of your skin you spray it on is well moisturized, so make sure to moisturize your skin properly before applying perfume and this way you will also protect your skin from the harmful ingredients in perfumes that could dry up your skin.

Five Tips To Make Your Fragrant Lasts All Day

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