Tips To Keep Your New Pair Of Shoes Odorless

It often seems that shoes get such a bad odor for no reason , but that is not true. This bad odor is the smell formating from bacteria living on your feet. Such smell gets transfered to your shoes which makes them smell really bad.

The Cause of Shoe Odor

Shoe odor is actually caused in the first place by the bacteria that live naturally on human skin. Foot odor is considered of the strongest odors produced by the human body.

No one wants his or her shoes to become filthy smelling. So luckily here are a few tips available to help you maintain your brand new shoes from developing an unpleasant Odor.

Using Inserts

Try to add an insert to your new shoes, these inserts will make sure the foot odors are absorbed. Using active charcoal and other materials.

Rotating Shoes

Avoid wearing the same pair of shoes for more than one day. This wont be that difficult for women as they usually have several pairs of shoes to choose from , exercise, and relaxation. This gives women a chance to air out their shoes which helps to keep odors from building up. Men should consider this as a very important point as well, probably it is time to buy a few more pairs

Wearing Socks

Always try to wear socks with your shoes, if possible. Socks should absorb excess moisture from the feet which helping to keep them dry, however make sure to wear a different pair of socks each day. This keeps the bacteria from building up in the soft material.

Washing Your Feet

Many people neglect to wash their feet in the shower. It’s commonly assumed that the feet will get clean in the soapy water. Be sure to use soap and a scrubber to wash feet clean every time you shower. Make sure that your feet are completely dry before putting on socks and shoes the next time.
Tips To Keep Your New Pair Of Shoes Odorless

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