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If you want to succeed in your endeavors, you have to learn how to grow from your setbacks, accept rejection and come back with more passion and strength than ever. Avoid dwelling in bitterness and anger that you experience after not getting what you want and accept rejection, whether you were rejected from your top choice college, denied a job offer or dumped by your girlfriend.

Do not let whatever happened make you feel you are not worth it. Of course, being rejected is never pleasant or easy, but it does not define you as a person; it only has to do with one specific situation at a given moment.

If you were rejected from your top choice college, tell yourself “I was denied acceptance” instead of “I was rejected”. Think of it as not getting the circumstances you desired, not as being rejected as a person.

If you do not take rejection well and you feel like a worthless loser, then you set yourself up to fail again; you should rather focus on the circumstances of what happened. For a more positive mindset, think about all the people who never got the courage to try and be proud of yourself for trying.

Maybe you applied for a job but it did not work out the way you wanted; still give yourself the credit and a pat on the back for trying. Do not get upset that you got rejected and think about what else you can achieve, there is no limit.

Do not let rejection make you feel completely inadequate or that you can never succeed in that area again. For example, if you got rejected by your girlfriend, look at it as an isolated situation and do not think you will never find love again because you will.


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