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Four Tips To Handle Your First Child While Being Pregnant

We always hear about the difficulties expecting mothers experience with their toddlers, and according to a personal experience , it can get really hard and frustrating, if you are pregnant and already having hard times handling your toddler, here are some tips to help you ease it up.

1- Visit Other Friends Who Have Two Or More Children.

The only way to familiarize your child with the idea that he could share the love and attention he is getting from you now with another child is by visiting other friends of your who already have more than one child, speak to your child about how exciting it is to have a little brother or sister to play with and take care of, girls can find it alot more fun than boys, but this step will help your child to understand the what it is to have siblings by watching other children.

2- Involve Your First Child In Your Pregnancy Development.

When you are going to your doctor checks, buying clothes or shopping for your unborn baby, reading doctor reports, etc make sure to involve your child, this is a very helpful way to make your first child feel that he is not left out and the matter should concern him too.

3- Tell Your Child About The Good Things That Will Happen.

A good way to excite your child for the idea that he/she are going to have a sibling is by telling them positive things like he is going to have a playmate for life time, he will be able to watch movies, play games, football, pillow fight with his sibling at home at anytime.

4- Give More Attention To Your First Child.

This don’t mean you should spoil your child, but something simple like spending more time with your first child and avoiding talking about your second child all the time will keep away any feelings of jealousy .
Tips To Handle Your First Child While Being Pregnant

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