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Six Tips To Flatten Your Tummy After Having A C-section

Giving birth is a huge transition in woman’s life and while holding the new born baby in your hands can make you forget any pain or difficulty, the extra weight you put on during pregnancy or worse the pouch you get if you delivered with a C-section will affect your self-esteem and get you frustrated. It is not easy to get along with the post Cesarean flabby and sagging pouch, most women try to just accept the situation as it is because they don’t believe that it is possible to get their old flat tummies back after Cesarean section, but it is more than possible in fact it is even easy to flatten your tummy again after having a C-section only if you follow the correct tips, believe that you can do it and never give up.
The following tips can help you flatten your post Cesarean tummy in such a short time.

1- Breastfeeding.

The key to lose weight fast after delivering your baby is breastfeeding, breastfeeding your new born helps your body to burn extra 600 calories per day, and the more your baby grows and demand more milk the more the calories burnt increase, so it is such a good deal, make sure to breastfeed your baby for at least six month to be able to melt away some of the pregnancy weight.

2- Focus More In The First Six Months.

Once your scar heals and you feel better again make sure to start your exercising regime again and don’t let go of your body specially within the first six month while the pregnancy hormones are still fluctuation in your system and the fat is still loose before it gets solidified and sat.

3- Abdominal Belt.

I know it is irritating and annoying specially if you live in a hot country but the abdominal belt does wonders in supporting your sagging tummy muscles to hold shape again, make sure to wear it at all times, you can only take it off while sleeping and eating.

4- Kegel Exercise.

Kegel Exercise is a vaginal floor exercise that is recommended to be practiced during pregnancy and can helps so much to remove belly fat after delivery as well, it is done but pulling in the vaginal muscles for 30 seconds and then relaxing them back while sitting on the floor.

5- Low Fat Diet.

If you are breastfeeding, don’t avoid carbohydrates they can help give you energy and boost your milk supply, what you need to stay away from is excessive fat or high fat diet.

6- Go For Brisk Walks.

You may not be able yet to go on a sprint however you still need to do some type of cardio exercise to lose fat, going for brisk walks should be enough to help you for the first few months after childbirth and slowly you should increase the pace of walking until you can run again.

 Tips To Flatten Your Tummy After Having A C-section

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