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You can gain strength from paying attention to your spirituality. According to research, prayer and spirituality help to decrease healing times during illnesses and relieve stress. Forms of spirituality are different; choose the one that works for you: spend some time in nature to enjoy the beauty of the natural world, consider meditation and yoga or to pray with other people in a place of worship.

Set reasonable goals and work on reaching them, and keep in your mind that getting from one step to another requires working through pain and boredom and sticking to your goals till you accomplish them.

If your goals seem unattainable, break them down into smaller ones. Even you have a setback, keep trying whether your goal is to finish a project, manage your finances or keep a job, etc. Consider failures learning opportunities or temporary setbacks that are full of lessons to learn.

There are different ways in which negativity can come at you, whether from within in the form of harmful self- talk and negative thoughts, or from outside as abuse or negative feedback from other people. Despite being beyond one’s control to fully remove negativity, you can manage it.

Learning to identify and challenge negative thoughts can help you manage them. It is better to minimize contact with toxic or negative people or even to excise them entirely from your life; these people could be neighbors, coworkers or family members.

You can learn to set boundaries with such persons and not to engage with them, instead of taking their negativity to heart. Try positive self- talk to build your emotional and mental strength; look at yourself in the mirror every day and say something encouraging that could be something you would like to believe about yourself. Last but not least, learn to stay calm under pressure.


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