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Four Tips To Avoid Food Waste

There are those people that find the grocery shopping everything they breathe for and those who would wish to spend that hour they go grocery shopping for anywhere else. Food is essential for a good health we know but not knowing the essential tips of shopping could end you up wasting foods that you paid money for.

A study from the USDA in 2010 found that 31% (133 billion pound) of our available food supple went uneaten, so to protect our resources and avoid wasting food keep the following tips in mind while going shopping for grocery the next time.

1- Plan Out Your Meals.
Go grocery shopping one day every weak and plan what you will eat for the whole weak, this way you will have an idea of what ingredients you will need exactly and will avoid buying random food items that you wont use immediately, or buy too much of one thing.

2- Make a List And Stick To It.
Make a list and actually stick to it, at the end of the seek you should get an idea if your list was actually realistic or not, if all the fresh foods that you bought got eaten then repeat the list the next week, if things stayed around in your refrigerator until they went bad then reevaluate the list the following week.

3- Make Versatile Foods.
Cooking for two days or a meal that can last until the next day’s lunch could help you use all the food you have in your refrigerator, get creative with the leftovers, if you had chicken for the dinner tonight and you got some leftovers then just throw those on a salad the next day for lunch, the meats that stay in the fridge untouched all weak can be used for a stir fry or soup at the end of the weak.

4- know How Much you Actually Need.
Avoid buying too much food more than you will eat just because there are promotions on that specific food item or for any reason, buying too much food more than what you need will surely contribute to food waste, only buy what you know you can eat or use so food don’t end up rotting before they get eaten.

Tips To Avoid Food Waste

Tips To Avoid Food Waste

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