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A little worry is good; it keeps us prepared and thinking ahead. However, worrying too much burdens you with a lot of unnecessary stress and makes your whole life miserable. The most effective step for less worry due to your complex life is to set a budget. Divide up you expenditure into categories such as food, gas, entertainment, etc. and stick to your budget to avoid worrying about how much money you can spend.

This will also help you make changes to purchase less in a certain category and save more money. You can lower the amount in one category and raise it in another according to your needs.

As you set a budget for your money, you can set a budget for your time. To maximize your personal time and avoid cramming, set a sleep schedule and stick to it. Plan your time for work, eating, shopping, chores and anything else such as exercise, your hobbies or homework.

Organize them in a certain order that works for you. Any time left is your free tome to use for anything you desire. For more free time, save extra trip and go shopping on your way home from work.

It is not always a good idea to fill your free time with social media browsing, smartphone apps or TV because sometimes what you need is a moment for yourself to drop everything and be alone with your thoughts.

Just lay back and look at the leaves on a tree near your window or the patterns on your ceiling or anything that does not require your attention. Half an hour once a week for quiet meditation is a powerful technique for organizing your feelings and thoughts; quiet spot without any distractions is all that is required.