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When you have a deadline looming, instead of working, you do other things like watching videos, checking your email, surfing blogs and social media. This is the procrastination phenomenon; we put off important tasks we should be doing until it is too late and then we panic and wish we could have started earlier.

The chronic procrastinators spend years of their lives looped in this circle. It is a bad habit that prevents us from achieving great results in life. Here below some tips to overcome procrastination so that it does not take over your life.

– The main reason for our procrastination is that we subconsciously find work too overwhelming, so break it down into little steps and focus on one step at the time. If you find yourself still procrastinating, then break it even further till it is so simple that you might as well just do it now and you move to the next.

– Change your environment because different environments change our productivity differently. Have a look at your room and your desk; do they get you to work or to snuggle? Keep in mind that an environment which once made you feel inspired may lose its effect after some time. If this happens, it is time to change things around.

– Make a detailed time schedule with specific deadlines. When you break down your project into small tasks, have a deadline for each small task because having just one deadline is like an invitation for procrastination. This way you finish each task in time otherwise you jeopardize everything coming after that.

– Hang out with people that inspire you to work. Identify the people who trigger you, most likely the hard workers, and spend some time with them more often; soon you will catch their drive and spirit.


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