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Most emotional eaters are powerless over food craving; when cravings hit, it is all what they can think about. You feel strong tension that demands eating at the moment. Because you have tried to resist it before and failed, you think that you do not have enough willpower, but the truth is you have more power than you think.

Emotional eating tends to be mindless and automatic; before you realize it you find yourself reaching for a pint of ice cream. But if you take a moment to pause and think when you are hit with this urge, you give yourself a chance to act differently.

You need to put off eating for 5 minutes, and while you are waiting, explore how you are feeling and what goes on emotionally. Though you more likely end up eating, but you will have a better understanding, and this can help you make a different decision next time.

The core problem with emotional eating is not just you are powerless over food; actually it is more related to feeling powerless over your emotions, which you avoid dealing with. You may fear feeling uncomfortable emotions, but the truth is even the most painful feelings subside relatively quickly.

You need to stay connected to your emotional experience and to become mindful. This can enable you to repair emotional problems and rein stress that trigger emotional eating. Furthermore, when you are relaxed, well rested and physically strong, you are better capable of handling the inevitable troubles of life.

On the other hand, when you are overwhelmed and exhausted, any minor hiccup can send you straight towards the refrigerator. In addition, enough sleep, daily exercise and healthy lifestyle habits in general are important to get through difficult times without emotional eating.


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