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9 Tips for Stabilizing Your Blood Sugar Levels Naturally

You may ask, “Why is stabilizing blood sugar levels is so important?” And the answer would be that high blood sugar levels are what causes resistance to insulin, which is commonly known as diabetes. And when there is instability in blood sugar levels, more dangerous complications are bound to happen. Here is what you can do to return your high blood sugar levels to normal:

1- Lower your saturated fat intake. Saturated fat causes a large number of health risks, and it is not so strange that diabetes is one of them. Avoid junk food and fried foods, because these two have big amounts of saturated fat.

2- It is said that laughter is a wondrous therapy that can cure almost everything. In a study, those who don’t laugh enough have higher blood sugar levels than those who laugh.

3- Try to exercise. Even if it is something as little as a 5 minutes walk, it can make a world of difference in your blood sugar levels.

4- Consume rich in magnesium foods. Magnesium can prevent the escalation of Type II diabetes. Foods like spinach, nuts, fish, leafy greens and avocados are rich in magnesium.

5- Transform the sugar in your blood into energy with muscles. Build your muscles with exercises that build muscle mass.

6- It is well known that people who have bigger waistline are more prone to diabetes and have higher sugar levels than others. Make sure your weight is not heavy enough to cause diabetes and other health risks.

7- Sleep well. Lack of sleep can really disturb how your body functions. Moreover, it can affect the level of hormones that make you feel full, which can make you consume more food and in turn increase sugar levels and diabetes risk.

8- Low fat dairy products can stabilize blood sugar levels. Make sure to enrich your diet with low fat milk and yogurt.

9- Instead of eating white bread, look for healthier types of bread. White bread can quickly increase sugar levels in your blood. Rye and whole wheat bread have fiber, protein and complex carbs which are much better for your body.

Tips for Stabilizing Your Blood Sugar Levels Naturally

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