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9 Tips to reduce the pain of waxing

To be realistic, waxing is somewhat painful. However, there are some methods to make waxing less painful.

-It is advisable to take pain killers 30 minutes to an hour prior to the waxing. It will diminish the torment and it will lessen swelling there after as well.

– Avoid drinking coffee on the morning of wax. The caffeine will stimulate the nerve endings which make you more sensitive to the agony.

– Get waxing directly after your period. Your period makes you less prone to feel pain, so you should avoid waxing during period and when period is due to begin. The best time is the first couple of days directly after a period.

– If you are tensed while waxing, it will be more painful. Try to relax and don’t worry about reducing the pain of waxing.

– You may exfoliate your skin before waxing. This exfoliating will make waxing less painful, remove the dead skin that conceal hairs and lifts hairs from the skin. So the wax can stick to them easily.

– You shouldn’t shave between waxes, because shaving makes hairs grow thicker. If you leave the hair to grow before a wax, it will be less difficult and less painful. When you have had a wax numerous times, the hair will bit by bit turn to be less obvious and softer.

– Try not to think of waxing while doing it. You may watch the TV to take your mind off it if you are waxing at home.

– You can apply a cooling lotion that you left in the refrigerator. It will have a calming effect and lessen the pain and moisturize the skin as well.

Tips to reduce the pain of waxing

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