Five Tips To Protect Yourself From Ebola Virus

Ebola virus is nothing to be taken simple, it can be deadly once someone catch it, the deadly virus spreads in the air and can affect people around the sick person, many countries have already started special screenings to stop the spread of the deadly virus, listed below are some tips you can do to cooperate with Preventing the spread of Ebola virus so read on.

1- Avoid Going To The Areas Where There Is Ebola Outbreaks.

The best thing is to start with yourself, avoid going to places that are crowded or was reported to have Ebola cases, also avoid traveling to countries and places that have Ebola Outbreaks, this was proven to be very risky and dangerous even if you are cautious.

2- Avoid Direct Contact.

If you really have to go to a place where you know present Ebola cases, try to avoid any direct contact, Ebola virus is extremely contagious and can be spread by air, so make sure you are wearing a protective mask over your face and be alert to get in any contact with a sick person.

3- Avoid Bush Meat.

According to the studies, the virus was originated in the bush meats in the first place, so if you are in a place where there are Ebola cases reported, try to stay away from bush meats or any type of meat at all to stay clear from the risk.

4- Be Aware Of The Symptoms.

You must read and learn about the symptoms a combined with Ebola, Ebola usually starts first with a mild fever and headaches that could be a combined with vomiting and muscle pain, if you experience these symptoms for more than a week get yourself screened immediately.

5- Boost Your Immune System.

Make sure you easy lots of fruits and vegetables everyday to boost your immune system, you may not be very much in control of the spread of the virus, but you can certainly boost your immune system to fight any virus, also make sure to stay hydrated by drinking eight glasses of water a day.
Tips To Protect Yourself From Ebola Virus

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