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Six Tips To Make A Perfect Pizza From Scratch At Home

Who doesn’t like pizza? It is a popular a a yummy meal that captured the whole world’s heart, making pizza at home is fun and simple, however with a lot of people it doesn’t usually success 100% , that mean it doesn’t usually come as tasty and perfect as the branded ones, below we will give you some tips on how to make a perfect pizza from scratch at home and surprise your family.

1- Focus With The Crust.

The most important aspect of pizza is the crust, soggy and wet crusted pizza is no one’s favorite, a simple tip for your crust to come perfect is to partially paid the crust first before adding any toppings, get the crust 50% baked then add all the toppings and cheese and bake again, also use all purpose high quality flour for a perfect crust.

2- Make The Dough Yourself.

Homemade pizza dough is always better than the ready made one, add some bread flour with the all purpose flour you are using to make the dough, the bread flour will help to make the dough soft which will in turn make the crust crispy, after you make the dough, refrigerate it for three to four hours, this will guarantee you a perfect pizza base.

3- Match The Toppings With The Crust.

If you are making a thin pizza crust, try to use minimal toppings, too many toppings will make the pizza soggy and you don’t want that to happen, but if you are making a large thick crust then you can add the toppings you wish, you can use as many as five different ingredients beside the seasoning that you like along with the classic pizza cheese.

4- Choose Your Favorite Sauce.

You can pretty much use any sauce you want on your pizza, a pasta sauce or pesto sauce will be amazing with any pizza but if you wish to prepare your own sauce then make sure the sauce is cooked and blended properly, use onions, tomatoes, basil and garlic as main ingredients for your sauce, you can season the sauce with your favorite seasonings.

5- Be Creative.

Instead of placing your pizza in a oven directly, you can place the pizza on a hot barbeque or a hot grill to give it a nice and smokey taste then just place it in the oven for five minutes under the grill to get the crust nice and golden, pizza can also be cooked on a hot stone, to get the taste of the effect of the branded hot stone pizzas.

6- Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment.

With pizza try out every thing to get it as perfect as the branded ones, use basil and Italian mixed seasonings to have a lovely Italian taste, if you want to bake your pizza in the oven then add some ice water in an oven pan in the bottom of the oven so the crust remain soft in the middle and crispy from the edges.

Tips To Make A Perfect Pizza From Scratch At Home

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