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3 Tips For A Longer Lasting Makeup For Oily Skin

The struggle is really annoying for every lady out there with Oily skin in the summer months, it is frustrating to keep on your makeup for the whole time you are out without having it Sliding off your face and looking awful or having to go to the rest room to fix it all the time, if you have Oily skin, this article will benefit you so much, you will learn how to keep your makeup on for longer times during the hot weather so read on.

1- Use Powder First.

This is the first step and most important to make your makeup last if you have Oily skin, instead of beginning your makeup with the foundation, start with the powder, the powder will fill the pores and keep oil at bay for way longer time, this will be specially helpful if you have enlarged pores, begin first with a suitable moisturizer for your skin type then follow it with loose powder which is better than pressed powder, it is more fluffy and will give you a more natural look while still filling your pores and fine lines effectively.

2- Hacks For Longer Lasting Eye Makeup.

The eye makeup will be the most scary part if your skin is Oily, so the best thing to do in this case is to start with a primer instead of foundation on your eyelids, the primer will be more helpful because it absorbs oil so that the eye shadow you apply won’t fade or run.

With Oily skin it is better to use waterproof mascara, however waterproof mascara can be a bit tiring to remove in the end of the day, so here is a clever trick to do it, first apply a normal mascara then follow it up with another coat of waterproof mascara.

3- Try Clay Mask.

Another tip that will surely get your skin always ready for your beauty routine and reduce the amount of oil your skin pores produce is to weekly apply a clay mask, clay absorbs the oil very effectively just like a sponge, however consider this tip before applying a clay mask, make sure to wash off the clay before it completely dries off on your face, the reason is that, while the clay is still wet, your skin have a good chance to absorb all the beautifying benefits out of it, but once it dries up, it starts Pulling away the moisture out of your skin, leaving your skin quit irritated and dry, so make sure to wash off the clay before it dries up and become Flaky.
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