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You have to work on keeping romance alive with your spouse, if you seek a happy married life. If you and your partner have the will to put in effort, then you can have a successful marriage. It is important to respect your spouse, make him feel like your equal and consider his feelings in every decision you make or just in every day life.

You will have an imbalance in you marriage, if you always have the final saying or you act like your spouse’s opinions do not really matter. Make sure that you listen to your spouse’s views with seriousness to make him feel like you care.

Work to be understanding and loving to your spouse; and if you snap at him for having a bad day, you better apologize to him. You need to respect your spouse rather than acting like you can do whatever you want given you are married.

Respecting your spouse includes respecting his privacy, i.e. do not snoop through his computer or phone. If you really seek a productive and healthy relationship, you should avoid reminding your spouse of his failures or his past mistakes. Instead, work on enjoying your present time together, thinking about what you both look forward to and generally reinforcing positive behavior.

Despite the fact that letting go of the past is not easy, you should not bring it up just to hurt him; be considerate of his feelings.

Listening is very important to show you are considerate to your spouse. When he is talking about his day, let him finish before saying what you want. Make an effort to hear him out and care about what he says. To show your spouse that he is not boring you, ask him questions so that he feels like you do really care. Remember that sometimes after a hard day all your spouse needs is someone to listen to him


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