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Tips On How To Deal With Oily Skin

In order to learn how to deal with oily skin we first should investigate the causes for oil skin and avoid them as much as possible, those who are suffering from oily skin tend to switch often between scrubs and facial products in hope to get over the problem but that in itself can be a major contributor to increase the problem and not help it, oily skin is a problem that you can exactly get rid off but you can avoid some environmental factors that can be making the problem worse and learn what to eat and what to avoid eating, on this article we will present to you the causes of oily skin and what foods you should eat and what foods you should avoid to reduce the problem.

The Causes For Oily Skin.

The major cause for oily skin is your genes unfortunately and in that case there is nothing to do to completely get rid of oily skin but there are tips later on the article that will help you reduce it. The second major cause of oily akin is over washing your face with soaps and acne products that dries up your skin and wash away its natural oils which make your skin produce even more oils to make up the lost one and it repeats so if you know yourself to use too many products and over wash your face then this could be very likely what is causing your oily skin problem. The third cause for oily skin is the seasons changes that can also dies up your skin causing it to produce even more oils to replace the lost ones. The fourth major cause for oily skin is stress and hormonal imbalances which will affect the amount of oil your skin produce.

What To Eat.

It was proven that eating foods that are rich with water content is considered to be one of the most effective ways to reduce the problem of oily skin as the water content will hydrate your skin leaving it in a lesser need to produce oils to moisturize itself, examples of some effective foods for oily skin include the following:-

– Cucumber.

Cucumber is already made up of 98% water which will hydrate your skin and give it the glow you dream of, cucumber is very rich with antioxidants particularly in the skin and the seeds that are known to fight oily skin.


Avocados are another food that is great to rejuvenate your exhausted skin it contains omega-3 fatty acids that work as a magical ingredient to fight skin aging signs and oily skin.


Grapefruit is packed with too many benefits for your body overall health, one of the many health benefits of grapefruits is burning fats specially belly fat and beat excessive oil production in your skin pores due to its high content of water, fibers and vitamin C.

Foods To Avoid.

– Dairy Products.

Dairy products when consumed in high amounts cause your skin to produce more oil than normal, reduce its defense against acnes and cause zits.

– Salt And Fats.

Salts and fats are contributing as well to oily skin, acnes and zits. Animal fats are major contributors in the excessive production of oil in the skin.

– Refined Flour.

Eating white breads is as bad as over consuming daily products on the skin, if you are already suffering from oily akin then eating white break may increase the problem, however everything in moderation is good, I’m not saying you should stop eating white breads and drink milk all together.

Tips On How To Deal With Oily Skin

Tips On How To Deal With Oily Skin

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