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Tips On How To Keep Your Children Toys Always Clean

Your children are always in contact with their toys, whether they are stuffed animals, plastic toys or blocks, therefore it is very important to constantly keep those toys clean and satisfied to reduce any risks of your child catching any sickness or diseases by getting in contact with toys whether by hands or mouth, to do so easily we have brought you this article to help you learn how to keep your child’s toys clean all the time so read on.

First Stuffed Animals.

To keep your child’s stuffed animals always clean bring a pillow case and put the stuffed animals inside of it, tie properly or close it and give it a quick spin in your washing machine, make sure to add some disinfectant to the washing water.

Specialize a carpet brush to clean your child’s stuffed animals and don’t use it for any other purpose, brush the stuffed animals properly using some warm water, vinegar and a little soap then rinse them off and leave them in the sun to dry up.

Secondly Plastic Toys.

Wash the plastic toys regularly under warm running water with some disinfectant, soap and vinegar, use a toothbrush to clean the small corners and stuck dirt.

Soak the plastic toys in warm water with vinegar and slat, after the toys are being soaked for a while brush them properly with a small toothbrush then leave them to dry up in a sunny place.

Thirdly Soothers and Biting Toys.

Babies during their teething periods love to bite on something, so it is very important to keep those kind of toys always clean, put them in the dish washing machine on hot wash but first make sure the toys are suitable for dish washing machines.
Tips On How To Keep Your Children Toys Always Clean

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