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If you hate the sound of your voice or your freckles, then not too much you can do about it. There are flaws that you cannot change and thus you need to work on accepting them. If there are things that you can change, then you need to take steps and work on them. Each one of us is born with a certain disposition and it is hard to transform ourselves completely, nevertheless you can work on improving your qualities.

If you do your best to change the things you do not like about yourself, you are surely heading forward to feel more secure. To figure out what you need to change and go for it is not an easy thing, but it is better than forever bemoaning and not doing anything about it.

Avoid comparing yourself to others; comparing yourself to other people you know or even people on T.V guarantees you will be insecure. Doing this, you will surely find a way to feel ugly, unsuccessful or poor and that you can never measure up to other people. You should focus on making your life better by your own standards not anyone else’s.

When you compare yourself to others, you will always find someone wiser, healthier and wealthier than you. However, there are many people who wish they were like you in some ways. The person who you think has it all together may be wishing to be someone else just like you.

One way to ditch your insecurities is to talk them over with someone close who understands you well and can help you get unbiased perspective.

A good friend can make you feel like your worries are irrational and can cheer you up, helping you dispel all the doubt and negativity that surround you.


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